30 August 2011

Office Call

Health care is good.

Health care is important.  
Been having lower back pain for almost ten years, of varying intensity.
Somewhere I decided or it was recommended or I was compelled to see a Podiatrist.
I’ve always been scared of the podiatrist, having seen one years ago with a deeply Germanic name like Mohnenberger and the pain he inflicted on my feet filled me with dread my teenage mind unfairly associated with Nazi experimentation.
I arrive on time and proffer my ID and insurance card to the receptionist.
I fill out the new patient paperwork. Under “Are you pregnant or do you expect to be pregnant” I enter yes, just to see if they notice I’m not a woman.  
I’m ushered into a very small exam room and told to sit on the exam chair and remove my shoes and socks.
The chair is small and uncomfortable and makes my back hurt. It feels likes something made in the 1950s, when people were smaller. She raises it up so that I’m sitting in a ridiculous position with my naked feet pointing directly at the receptionist in the next room.
The sterile paper my feet rest on will not stay put and keeps sliding around.
The doctor arrives and proceeds in a workman-like manner to process the patient, ie me. It’s all about getting me in and out.
He has me stand and he tells me I over-pronate. I have to ask him to explain this.
He tells me the best thing to do is to get inserts to place in shoes. He tells me they cost $35 and then $25 to place in my shoes.
He goes about it, fumbling in the closet I can see between my feet looking for the inserts which he measures and cuts using my shoes and feet as his yardsticks.
It is only then that I realize I will be charged $60 for this.
He puts them in my shoes and tells me to come back in a week, and bring him my other shoes.

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Jacob Leib Cohen said...

I’ve had similar experiences with dermatologists.